Water Tower, Mast, Wind Turbine Inspections

Surveying / GIS Mapping Services

Safe, Cost Effective Inspections

Our range of drones at Neptune Drone Services allow for us to carryout accurate, thorough, safe and cost-effective inspections of our clients’ infrastructure. Any operation that can be performed that prevents people from having to work at heights is helping prevent accidents. We can utilise our high-resolution digital cameras with zoom capabilities or thermal cameras to provide clear accurate and usable reports of our clients’ infrastructure regardless of height or location. Using cameras with zoom technology allows for our drones to operate at a safe distance from our client’s infrastructure while still providing clear and concise imagery that can be interpreted by all.

Our methodology and reports are repeatable at regular intervals to allow our clients’ track the condition of their infrastructure and highlight any areas that may need maintenance or attention to prevent any further deterioration or disruption to their services.

3d-models or 3d-twins as they are sometimes known can be created also so our clients have access to full visual details, dimensions and characteristics of their infrastructure incorporated and aligned with our visual inspections and reporting to further enhance the management and monitoring of their key infrastructure.