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Providing Drone Solutions to the Forestry Industry

Neptune Drone Services are equipped to specialise in Drone mapping for the forestry industry. Our Atmos Marlyn VTOL drone can carry multiple payloads that are easily swappable in the field. Our Sony RX1 42.4-megapixel camera and PPK module are perfect for surveying large areas of forestry quickly and accurately, while our Micasense Altum multispectral camera can provide vital information around plant health, nitrogen requirements, stand counts and disease identification.

Forestry terrain can be challenging and does not suit most drones either because Copter drones cannot cover the areas required or traditionally fixed wing drones performed belly landings that is not practical in largely forested areas. Our Atmos Marlyn VTOL drone takes off like a helicopter before transitioning into a fixed wing drone as it approaches the required survey height, this allows us to take off and land in smaller confined areas and still achieve the survey areas of a fixed wing drone. We can survey several hundred hectares of forestry a day in the countries most challenging terrain while still maintaining accuracy.

We can produce georeferenced maps to cm level accuracy using both the Sony RX1 camera and the Micasense Altum sensor combined with the PPK module in our Atmos Marlyn drone. We use specialist software to process the data from our multispectral sensor and can offer numerous mapping solutions depending on our clients’ requirements.