3d Mapping / Digital Twins

Surveying / GIS Mapping Services

Critical Information in a Shared Location

If you require highly accurate 3D-mapping of a landscape, building, towers, bridges etc. we have the tools and experience to provide you what you need. We have been carrying out 3d-mapping for four years now of various sectors and assets including Quarrying, architectural and Infrastructure. We have the experience to know the best equipment for each individual task and have access to the best technology to achieve the best result for your requirements.

We can cover large areas using our Atmos Marlyn Hybrid drone and Sony RX1 42.4-megapixel camera or we can use one of our copter drones for buildings or infrastructure projects and areas that cannot be surveyed using a fixed wing drone.

3d Digital Twins of key infrastructure is becoming increasingly popular as it allows information to be shared and viewed by all with ease. This has become an essential part of preventative maintenance for many involved in the management of key infrastructure.

We can also incorporate 3d digital twins of key infrastructure such as bridges, culverts or towers into GIS maps of larger mapping corridors or areas.