Solar Farm / Solar Panel Inspections

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Faults Found Easily and Efficiently with our Solar Panel Inspections

Solar Farms are becoming more widespread and covering larger areas in Ireland today, large banks of solar panels are now being included in the design of large commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical building designs. This trend is set to continue for many years to come as we try to tackle climate change globally. It is also important that we maintain and maximise the performance of these panels in order to get the desired return on investment and help reduce the use of energy produced from burning fossil fuels.

Neptune Drone Services have a range of thermal sensors for our drones and can cater for large solar farms or solar panels used in commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical premises. Our Atmos Marlyn Hybrid drone fixed with a thermal camera can cover several hundred hectares in a day while our Copter drones can be used for Solar panels in commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical premises. Our surveys can Identify faults early, are accurately georeferenced with cm level accuracy to ensure that faults can be identified and repaired efficiently in the field, less time consuming, cost effective and safer to carry out than traditional methods of carrying out these inspections. The maps provided can be used to identify faults and also to identify areas for preventative maintenance of solar farm.

We can also carryout cm level accurate pre-planning topographical surveys for Solar Farms using our Atmos Marlyn and Sony RX1 camera or roof surveys of existing buildings where retrofitting of solar panels is being considered.