Topographical Surveys / GIS Mapping

Surveying / GIS Mapping Services

Quality Technology Combined with Precise Methodology

If you require accurate large scale topographical surveys, then our Atmos Marlyn Hybrid drone with the Sony RX1 full frame 42.4-megapixel camera can give you the best results on the market. We can achieve a GSD of as low as 0.85cm and still cover large areas. The Atmos Marlyn comes equipped with a PPK module allowing for cm level accuracy without the need for Ground control points. This is ideal for pre-planning surveys for large-scale developments or large-scale infrastructure projects, as well as environmental projects such as coastal surveys, habitat surveys and GIS Mapping of Corridor Infrastructure.

The Atmos Marlyn comes with its own Navigator software that includes a corridor mapping feature perfect for Waterways, Road networks, Route planning, Greenway Planning, Railway lines, Power lines and any other corridor infrastructure or Networks. As the Atmos Marlyn is a Hybrid drone that allows for vertical take off and landings we don’t require large areas for belly landings that other fixed wing aircraft do while still being maintaining the ability to cover large areas in one flight that other fixed wing drones can.