About Us

About Neptune Drone Services Meath

Neptune Drone Services Meath are based in the heart of the county – Navan. We have been providing professional Aerial drone services since 2018. We recently started providing underwater drone services in 2021 and have also become distribution partners for Atmos Marlyn and Qysea Fifish in the last 12 months.

Our drone operators all have previous surveying experience and take pride in the accuracy of our drones and the methodologies we apply, but we also just love flying drones……

We are equipped with the best drones and payloads on the market and have worked hard to develop our skillset across a range of industries and software packages so to provide our clients with the most accurate datasets achievable.

If you require a survey or work in an industry that requires a drone solution, we have a proven track record in providing a technical solution to suit your needs. We have collaborated with numerous professions to combine our skills in order to find our clients the solution they were searching for. We have worked with small, medium and large businesses as well as state bodies on some of the most exciting drone projects in Ireland.

Having top of the range drones and payloads provides great data but a solution often requires more and that is what we believe Neptune Drone Services can offer your business. We have found unique solutions that have allowed businesses to save large sums of money, mitigate risks, improve health and safety, improve the environmental impact of their business and increase profit margins. When you work with Neptune Drone Services the net result is not how much it cost but how much you and your business have saved.

Neptune Drone Services are fully licensed and insured drone operators.