Invasive Weed Mapping

Agriculture Services

Reduce Chemical and Costs

Multispectral cameras can be used to identify invasive weeds in crops. This allows farmers to treat the affected areas rather than carrying out preventative sprays over the entire crop. Once we can identify the signature of a weed using various multispectral bands, we can produce cm accurate georeferenced maps of the affected areas of the crops. This area can then be accurately monitored along with the effectiveness of any treatments used. Our high resolution Micasense Altum multispectral camera is used for research in this area worldwide. Our Micasense Altum multispectral sensor records images in 6 bands Red, Green, Blue, Near Infra-red, Red Edge and Thermal. The images are captured at the same moment across the 6 bands, this sychronisation allows for the data to be easier aligned for advanced analytics. A DLS 2 light sensor is also fitted to the UAV to measure irradiance and sun angle measurements ensuring the images are highly calibrated for enhanced accuracy and reliability. While this is an area that requires further research, we have all the equipment that is required to assist in this research and achieve the accuracy required for the research to be successful.