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Racing Against the Tide

Our Atmos Marlyn drone is manufactured in the Netherlands and has been carrying out large scale coastal surveys on the salt marshes since as soon as it was available on the market. Other copter drones had been trialled previously, but the tidal nature of the salt marshes meant that they could not survey the areas quickly enough or accurately enough. The Atmos Marlyn equipped with the Sony RX1 full frame 42.4-megapixel camera came along and has been used each year since to survey and monitor these salt marshes. The Atmos Marlyns ability to cover large areas makes it the perfect solution for tidal surveys while combined with the Sony RX1 means speed does not compromise accuracy. The Atmos Marlyn also comes equipped with a PPK module which allows us to produce georeferenced maps with cm level accuracy and GSD’s as low as 0.85cm.

The Atmos Marlyn Navigator software is designed with specialist corridor mapping features which make Coastal surveys even more simple and efficient. We process our data in Pix4D and Agisoft and can cater our outputs around our clients’ requirements.