Golf Course Mapping

Surveying / GIS Mapping Services

Multiple Solution Using Multispectral and Sony RX1 Camera

Neptune Drone Services Can provide Golf courses with a range of mapping services from 3D-mapping and virtual flythroughs of each hole to Multispectral imagery to identify drainage and Irrigation issues and requirements. Our Atmos Marlyn Hybrid drone is Ideal for mapping large areas like golf courses in an accurate and efficient manner. We can map your golf course with cm level accuracy and GSD’s as low as 0.85cm. Our 42.4-megapixel camera provides the highest quality and most accurate imagery available in Ireland. We can work with you to provide a solution to meet your mapping needs. Multispectral cameras are being used to help map drainage issues and requirements on golf courses as well as irrigation mapping to highlight areas of the course that is under water stress during dry periods. Our Micasense Altum multispectral camera is a high-resolution multispectral camera that can be used along with our PPK module in the Atmos Marlyn to produce cm level accurate georeferenced multispectral mapping to help with the upkeep and maintenance of your golf course. Virtual flythroughs of your golf course can give your members and visitors to the course a bird’s eye view of the course before they play while also providing information on distances, elevations, obstacles, and putting areas. We can work with Golf Course Managers and owners to provide the level of detail you would like and tailor the information to suit your requirements.