Bridge Inspections

Surveying / GIS Mapping Services

Above and Below Water Inspections

Bridge inspections are required in order to maintain the safe use of mainly road and rail infrastructure, these inspections can be carried out more safely and more cost effectively using Drone technology. Defects can be recorded and reviewed without the use of scaffolds, cranes and cages which can put human life at risk as well as costing more money. Our drones can accurately record and report on the condition of bridge infrastructure whether it is above rivers, canals, estuaries, roads, railways or valleys with ease in comparison to traditional methods. We can survey Bridge infrastructure form all angles giving a 360-degree view of the condition of the infrastructure. 3D-Digital twins can be produced to allow our client to monitor the condition of their infrastructure over time. We also have underwater ROV’s for carrying out underwater inspection of Bridge parapets, walls or piers so we can report on the entire structure above and below water. Our Underwater drones allow us to report on the condition of infrastructure without the need for engaging an expensive dive team. This is not only an additional safety measure, but it also provides a more complete survey that can be viewed easily by anyone who requires it.