Habitat Surveys

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Aerial Drone surveys are the ideal solution for habitat surveys as the terrain can be both sensitive and challenging and cover large areas. Ultra-high-resolution cameras and multispectral sensors are used to produce georeferenced maps with cm level accuracy which can be used for further analysis and ground proofing if required. This can reduce costs and time for our clients while improving efficiency and safety of carrying out Habitat surveys of large areas across sensitive and challenging terrain.

In areas where environmental factors are required to be monitored these surveys can be used to accurately monitor vegetation biomass, plant health, plant stress, vegetation response to treatment, coastal erosion, water levels etc. on a continuous basis to compare the impact on these habitats over time.

Neptune Drone Services can also carryout under water habitat surveys and inspections using our underwater QYSEA Fifish V6 Plus which enables us to take water an sludge samples from underwater habitats. These surveys, inspections or samples would generally require expensive dive teams while also reducing the risk of having people in the water.