Underwater Robot


Versatile Usage

With all directional freedom and portable design, FIFISH V6 has brought the revolutionary point of view for underwater photography and filmmaking.

Underwater Filming

Ocean Exploration

Recreation & Leisure


Underwater Operation

Law Enforcement Operations

Outstanding Underwater Images

Specially designed lens for low light conditions, especially in the underwater environment.

4000 lumen sunlight technology gorgeously recreates the natural image.

The true colour algorithm in FIFISH App makes each post crystal clear and bright.

166° FOV

Slow motion at 240 fps

4K UHD camera
RAW image in DNG

12 megapixels

4000 lumen LEDs

CCT 5500 K

f/2.5 Aperture

Watch FIFISH V6 in action

FIFISH V6 VR Smart Control


The first motion sensor headset we have designed allows the pilot to seamlessly control the direction of the drone simply by moving their head.


The FIFISH goggles provide a real-time surrounding view from the V6’s perspective, immersing the pilot fully into the subaquatic world.

HD Display

An HD display is used for the VR function to fully capture the true color and brilliance of the underwater environments.

FIFISH Smart Controller

The ergonomic design provide comfort and accurate control expriences for FIFISH user.

Attitude/Sport/Combined mode

HD LIVE-Stream via Wi-Fi

HDMI Output

-10℃ to 60℃ operating temperature